Our Curriculum

With Mother Goose Time!
  • Curriculum Overview

    Allowing your children to play, create art, sing, dance and investigate the world around them
  • Mother Goose Time

     Our child care center follows the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum. It provides your children with early literacy opportunities and fosters a joy for learning through sensory-based experiences!
    • Nationally recognized preschool curriculum
    • Supports child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development
    • Inspires children through art, music, logic games and hands on investigations
    • Each activity integrates at least two, if not three, learning experiences (for example social + physical + math) to offer children rich multi-disciplinary learning opportunities.
    • Age Group:
      1 – 5 years
    • Class Size:
    • Pricing:
    • Sessions:
      7:30am – 5:30pm
  • 2016 Themes

    Each theme allows children to play, explore and learn about different concepts in their expanding lives.
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    Going On Safari

    • Nature reserve
    • Safari Animals
    • Living in the Savannah
    • My Backyard Safari
    E, Z & S
    9 &10

  • icon_1

    Food & Fitness

    • Food Groups
    • Scooping, Stirring and    Pouring
    • Fitness
    • Health
       J, L & G
       11 & 12

  • icon_3

    Discover the Desert

    • Rodeo Days
    • Sahara Desert
    • Mojave Desert
    • Desert at Night
       H, I & Y
      13 & 14

  • icon_4

    Bees Butterflis

    • In the Beehive
    • Bees
    • Butterfly Life Cycle
    • Butterflies
      B, Q & N
      15 & 16

  • icon_5

    Bubbles, Boats & Floats

    • Down the River
    • On the Lake
    • Soapy Water
    • Wonderful Water
      A, D & U
       17 & 18

  • pcon_6

    A to Zoo Animals

    • Animals A – E
    • Taking Care of Animals    F – K
    • Habitats of Animals L – R
    • Sound of Animals S – Z
        A to Z
      19 & 20

  • icon_7

    The Art Studio

    • Exploring Art Techniques
    • Monet and Landscapes
    • Van Gogh and Picasso
    • Make-Your-Own Museum

  • icon11

    The Art Studio

    • Chemistry Lab
    • Physics Lab
    • Biology Lab
    •Inventor’s Lab

  • icon_8

    Friends & Feelings

    • Making Friends
    • Identifying Feelings
    • Keys to Friendship
    • Talking with Friends
       F, P & K
         1 & 2

  • icon_9

    In the Orchard

    • Life Cycle of a Tree
    • Fruit Trees
    • Animals in an Orchard
    • Skins and Shells
       A, O & R
         3 & 4

  • icon_10

    On the Go

    • Roads, Maps and Bridges
    • Transportation on Land
    • Public Transportation
    • Transportation in the
    Air and Water
      C, W & T
        5 & 6

  • icon_12

    Sights & Sounds of Winter

    • Orchestra Instruments
    • Sights and Sounds Outdoors
    • Sights and Sounds Indoors
    • Lights and Dark
       V, X & M
          7 & 8

  • Class Schedule

    Our daily routine will create an environment where children can experience a variety of planned and unplanned (yet intentional) activities!
  • Children thrive under a balance of active and quiet times; this offers a variety of learning experiences that could include individual, small and large group settings.

  • Arrival-8 am

    :- Meet and Greet- Welcome each child. Encourage free exploration of activity areas.

    8-8:30 am : Breakfast

    :- Children participate by: hand washing, serving and clean up. Family style meals are a great way to expose children to social skills, mathematics and language skills.

    8:30-9 am : Circle Time

    :- Children sit in a large group and discuss the question of the day. Children explore the weather, calendar and learn a new rhyme or song.

    9-10am : Free Play

    :- Transition from Circle Time to free play with a suggested transition activity. Children explore the activity areas and build with blocks, sand/water, make art, play dress-up or choose books to explore.

    10-10:15am : Snack

    :- Children participate in snack prep, hand washing, serving and clean-up.

    10:15-11:30am : Small Group

    :- While a few children participate in the themed activities with me, others play freely in the activity areas while waiting for their turn.

    11:30-12pm : Outside Play

    :- Children participate in active play outdoors.

    12-12:45 pm : Lunch

    :- Children participate by: hand washing, serving and cleaning up. Family style meals are a great way to expose children to social skills, mathematics and language skills.

    12:45-1pm : Story Time

    :- While the little ones are laying on their mats they are being read to in a peaceful manner.

    1-2:30pm : Rest Time

    :- While soothing music and low lights are on the children are in a restful ambiance.

    2:30-3pm : Snack

    :- Children participate in snack prepping, hand washing, serving and cleaning up.

    3-3:45pm : Outside Play

    :- Children participate in outdoor activities and experience nature in play.

    3:45-4:30pm : Discovery Time

    :- Children play with materials in the activity areas while the teacher uses this time to focus on one to one activities with each child.

    4:30-5:30pm : Music Closing Time

    :- Children participate in the closing song and reflect on the day’s activities.

  • Frequently Answered Questions
    Does Worry Free offer part time care?

    No, sorry we only offer full-time care.

    Can I pay my child’s tuition on Fridays?

    No, child care fees are due Monday. Parents are welcome to pay ahead but not behind.

    What are your hours of operation?

    Our normal hours are from 7am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday and closed on Holidays.

    Where exactly are you located?

    We are located on the Southeast side of Marion County in the neighborhood of Baseline Road and Juniper Road. (Down the road from Legacy Elementary.) Our address is 46 Juniper Loop Court – Ocala, FL 34480.

  • Class hours Per Year
    • Play250 Hours
    • Eat250 Hours
    • Learn250 Hours
    • Rest250 Hours
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