Weekly News Letter 02-19-16

February 22, 2016

 Let’s Move

Loving your temple (body) is not just eating right, but moving too!  We tried different exercises this week and had a ball.  Some of the different movements were:

  • Racing and Running
  • Jumping (jump rope and jumping jacks)
  • Kicking (high kicks and low kicks)
  • Throwing and Catching (playing t-ball)
  • Stretching (yoga)

Fruit of the Spirit:

“We love Him because He FIRST LOVED us.” 1 John 4:19

Prayer Request:

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell’s grandfather passed away this week.  We are praying for them during this time.  Please know that the Worry-Free Preschool family supports and love you!

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